Natalja Mankovska, IBCLC
Lactation consultant
Breastfeeding management and support. Home visits in Riga and Riga region. Breasfeeding and babycare counsultations online.

More than 15 years of experince in lactation support.

Provide consultations in English, Russian and Latvian.
+371 25957816

As a professional breastfeeding consultant, I offer assistance with nursing and infant care questiong.

I have been helping new mothers cope with the difficulties of breastfeeding for over 15 years.

I am a mother of three kids and I understan how difficult parenting might be sometimes. My goal is make it easier for my clients through understanding what and how they can help their babies. Breastfeeding and babycare are the complicated skills. I can teach it carefully and with humor.
консультация по ГВ в Риге
Duration - 90 min
Breastfeeding consultation - home visit
We can arrange a home visit and it is also possible to have a consultation in my office. I can help with full range of breasfeeding problems: the latch and breasfeeding positions, painful feeding and sore nipples, breast engorgement, transition from bottlefeeding, not-enoght milk and low baby weight gain, mixed feeding... I talk about breastfeeding simply and clearly, I can teach you how to breastfeed comfortably and without pain
Consultation fee: 60 EUR
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ГВ консультация онлайн
Duration - 60 min
Online breastfeeding consultation
Breastfeedin consultation online by video call (Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Direct, Zoom or Google Meet)

I will listen, ask additional questions, try to assess the situation as objectively as possible, offer possible solutions, provide the necessary support and answer your questions. If the situation is very serious - I can tell you which specialist is better to contact.

I provide assistance with latching baby to the breast and feeding positions using a hands-off counseling technique.

Consultation fee: 45 EUR
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консультация по слингам в Риге
Duration - 90 min
Babycare consultation
I adhere to the principles of natural and gentle child care, based on he attachment parenting approach.

I can teach how to change diapers :)), bathe a baby, cut nails, how to dress at home and for a walk, how to help your baby to fall asleep and sleep well, how to calm down, in what positions is comfortable and safe to wear the baby. ..I also can teach you how to use different types of baby carriers.

This consultation is possible even before the birth of the child, as well as later, when the baby is already at home.

Consultation fee: 55 EUR
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